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The Language of 600,000 Adjectives

::It's all happening inside my head, but it's still real::

Janie Monoxide

.:Real Name: Rachel

.:Pen Name: Janie Monoxide

.:Age: 18

.:Location: Displaced
.:Height: 1.67 meters

.:Current Weight: 60 kilos

.:High Weight: 86 kilos

.:Low Weight: 47.3 kilos

.:Reason for Journal: The reason for this journal is to basically ramble about my monotonous life, post fanfictions, poetry and original fictions.

.:DISCLAIMER: Because I am waaay to lazy to put a disclaimer on every single non original fic that I write, I'm going to post my disclaimer here::

All characters belong to their respective owners, and in the case of RPS, to themselves. I make no money doing this, and no copy right infringement intended.

.:Anything else?: There isn't too much more to say about me. I'm an eigteen year old girl who has lived various places around the world. I'm a journalism major at GU. My move to Washington was my third move in less than five years. I didn't used to be a happy person--but for some reason or another, lately I've become rather contented with my life...which has in turn lead to a decrease of entries within my journal. I love astrology. For thost of you who follow--I'm an aries. I read tarot and am learning palmistry. I don't put too much stock in astrology--I just find it a lot of fun. I watch a lot of television but also read quite a lot as well. I'm a smoker and I can honestly say I'm completely okay with that. I hate people who give those dirty faces or cough in your diretion as you smoke...seriously people...piss off. I also have a deep, deep love for slash and men with lip rings. I suppose that's all there is to know about me.

EDIT: Due to recent events in my life, this journal shall now be a "friends only" journal. Comment on to be added! (Actually, I would most likely love to have some friends.)